February 26, 2006

I'll Pull Potatoes From YOUR Ears

Rock Upon a Porch with You / TBLLT
Every Grubby Little Memory TBLLT

Little Donkey / TBLLT

After mentioning The Boy Least Likely To on Saturday, it seems reasonable to share their three B-sides today.

Yes, "Rock Upon a Porch" is the 4-star song of the bunch. But "Every Grubby Little Memory," is welcome to, even if it takes a while to build and employs what sounds like a dentist's drill toward the end. "Little Donkey" is the decorating-the-Christmas-tree song that circulated this past December. It is little.

Also: If somehow you haven't, definitely go get "Between the Lines," one of the two lovable Sambassadeur tracks that those wacky Swedes are still handing out for free after many a month.

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