February 17, 2006

I Want Many Dresses, I Want Much Money

Thank You / Rocket or Chiritori

Fifteen Love / Rocket or Chiritori

Vacation (Japanese Version) / Rocket or Chiritori

Anoraks are loved all the world over.

In 1997 and '98, Satoko Shibahara was 17. Better known as Rocket or Chiritori, she released a handful of singles and LPs before giving up music to focus on school. Some of what remains, especially "Vacation" and (especially especially) "Fifteen Love," is so pure it's hard to imagine Satoko is not still sitting in her bedroom, singing along every time her songs play through a new pair of headphones.

ROC's AMG Bio.


Satoko said...

I don't love you. Or punk.

Jupiter "Ice Cream" Sanchez said...

oh my goodness. thank you so much for these, for i have long been searching.

Anonymous said...