February 11, 2006

Great Lake Swimmers

Let's Trade Skins / Great Lake Swimmers

A few weeks ago, I had a dream in which a serial killer cut off the skin of one of his victims and wore it like a one-piece costume. Then he went and hung out with her friends, pretending to be her until they noticed s/he was acting really strange and cracking around the edges. "Let's Trade Skins" is not that creepy, unfortunately, but it's quiet in the way that dreams are, like you're watching a movie with the sound off. Tony Dekker, the main Swimmer, sounds like the guy from My Morning Jacket lurking in the body of the guy from Red House Painters. When he says, "Tonight there's a party," you know he's lying right to your face.

See also: "Moving Pictures Silent Films," "The Man With No Skin," and "Bodies and Minds."

Imaginary Bars / Great Lake Swimmers

This song is about as joyful as GLS gets, so it goes with the photo above. Dude looks happy.

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Ian Thorpe said...

That Santa Claus man cannot swim as well as me for I am the Thorpedo. That's Spanish for... "The Thorpedo."