January 30, 2006

Squeeze Slowly and See

my foot / the pillows

back seat dog / the pillows

hidden song / the pillows

There's really nothing to say, except that I can't believe I never heard of them until now (in the very likely event that you have, please forgive this post). Anyway, I'm fairly hooked...Jeremy and I couldn't stop listening to them this weekend. Sort of a huggably soft Japanese Pixies.

the pillows' (they’re not into the whole "capitalization" jive) new album came out a couple of weeks ago, and for a band that's going on 17 years together it's surprisingly fresh. You can check them out, in all their button-eyed-dog sword-throwing goodness, here.

The first track is the title track off the new album, my foot. The second is from their 8th album, happy bivouac, and the third is a weird fucking something they did for an anime soundtrack.


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