February 12, 2006

Used Noodle Exchange Program

Gravity Thief / Noodles

Lemon Grass Foo Foo / Noodles

Japan, like the U.S., is a bit schizophrenic in its tastes: they turn out some of the most horrid pop imaginable, but also hands-down the best rock anywhere in the not-quite-living-up-to- its-name "ring of fire" (I’m looking at you, Kamchatka), and arguably in all of Euraustralafricasia. America, as usual, owns all. Don't try to out-badass a country where the sitting VP reserves the right to fucking shoot people.

Anyway, (the) Noodles are sort of Japan's answer to the Breeders. Jeremy, always the SAT instructor, very aptly summed it up as

noodles : the breeders :: the pillows : ___________

a) mom
c) weak post, bennett
d) the pixies

They've opted out of the whole definite article thing, though...so they're just "Noodles." Like, any noodles. Maybe these noodles...maybe those noodles...

The first song is the title track off the 95 LP, The Gravity Thief, and the second one is off their latest, 05's Ivy.

Five / Noodles

and one more... a good old weep n' sleep.

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Dave Lovering said...

Technically, there's no "the" in Pixies either. Just, like, technically.

Love(ring) tha blog though!!!!! GN8...