May 20, 2006

No Radio: Stars, Wars, Cures

Turn the Radio On (live) / Jude

No Radio / Dirty on Purpose

The first song's about needing distractions ("We got so high we stop pretending / That you and I were never-ending / And it's a long way home / Turn the radio on"); the second's about being so happy you don't need anything. Some nights things are all wrong—off in metaphysical sense—and yet you wake up and everything's just right again. Sure, "there are places we have never been," but that doesn't matter for Brooklyn superstars Dirty On Purpose because "the sun came up" and Hallelujah Sirens (2006) is coming out.

Next door: Two penguins are in a communal shower. One says, "Excuse me, could you please pass the soap?" The other stares at the first and replies, "Nooo, no radio!"

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Bárbara said...

hey, great idea that of sharing songs with the rest of us, especially if they´re inspired ones like "turn the radio on". at the moment i have no time to listen to more, but i promise i´ll do when i have. by the way, if some artist complain about copyright and stuff, just...don´t pay him much attention! ;)
in my country -spain- i don´t have many opportunities to enjoy this kind of music (of course, i have the internet, thank god!). anyway, congratulations for the site.