March 8, 2006

Lucky Bugs Win Prizes

Lucky Bugs Win Prizes / Hassle Hound

White Roads / Hassle Hound

Along with the Magnetic Fields and Blanket Music, Hassle Hound is one one of those bands that can be enjoyed on car rides with your children when you have them. "Lucky Bugs" is especially crafted for repeated listens on sunlit afternoons in the woods, afternoons with a leather hip-flask carrying liquid brewed in the basement of Redwall Abbey I can't stop drinking.

The other song is the same as "Hushed Noon Drinking" (from 2004's Appalachian Listening Post) except for the addition of a female vocal sample that sounds like something pitched-up from a Mi and L'au track. This transformation is just understated enough not to ruin a good thing. Almost always, Hassle Hound is best when they remain grounded, when they keep their samples organic and simple, when they hit the Books rather than the Avalanches. And that's what they do on most of Limelight Cordial, which comes out March 20, 2006.

Get both Appalachian Listening Post and Limelight Cordial HERE (password = pw).


ruby said...

hey! where can i listen to/buy appalachian listening post? i've been looking everywhere and i can't find anything ):

if you could reply that would be amazing!!


Anonymous said...

Sure thing. You should be able to snag it at the new links above.

Kelly Wang said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH. THANK YOU. hassle hound is an incredibly important band to me and i only have their three main albums and i haven't heard a lot of their demos or eps and such... THANK YOU SO MUCH!! i feel like crying tears of joy, i literally cannot thank you enough!! :')