January 24, 2006

More Flaming Robot Music

M: Hey Jerry?

J: Yes Mike?

M: Do these
yellow lights
make me
look gay?

J: (Pause)

M: Be honest

J: You're not gay?

Full-size Robot Mike. Full-size Robot Jerry.

MP3 You Gotta Hold On (full version) / The Flaming Lips

"Biggest mistake EVER" was my reaction to discovering that "You Gotta Hold On" is not on on the tracklist for the Lips' forthcoming At War with the Mystics LP. Actually I didn't care that much. But it does seem weird that this glitchy robotic new-agery is not slated for release at all even though the video (featuring...you guessed it, robots!!) was made available in November. I guess the feel-goodisms are piled on too heavy for even these softest-hearted of rock stars: "And with a lot of patience/We'll see a lot of changes/And the United Nations/Will see our love is only love//And there's nothing to be afraid of." Whatever, I still prefers this to either of the two Mystics tunes that have been released thus far. Loveisloveisloveislove.

MP3 The W.A.N.D. / The Flaming Lips

Most people probably disagree, so if you don't got it here's the first single.

MP3 Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1 (Japanese vocals version) / The Flaming Lips

This one's to fill the Koreapan quota.

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