March 1, 2006

Baby, Put On Your Shoegazing Shoes

I Dedicate D Chord / Toddle
So Long / Toddle

It is generally assumed that there is a long, serial string of influence in rock music which tends to run westward: that is, good music starts out in New York or maybe (maybe) Europe and works its way around the globe. Like the bright and blessed sun of neo-imperialism. You have, of course, already thought of about 50 counter-examples, and more will come to you. Please note that when I say "it is generally assumed," what I mean is that I just made this up.

Sometimes, however, the student outdistances the teacher. It is generally assumed that such is the case with Toddle. At least, they give it the ol' post-college try. I mean, where is Occidental noise-rock anymore? When I need to drown out my sobbing through the paper-thin walls of my apartment, must I really listen to Loveless again? Toddle recalls the 90s lo-fi movement of Sebadoh and Sonic Youth with a dash of pinkerton-style Weezer or The Rentals thrown in.

At this point, Toddle is sort of a side project for members of various other bands...but supposedly they're touring right now, which I guess is a good sign. The two selections today are the first and last song off their one and only LP, 2005's I Dedicate D Chord.

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Lindsay Bluth F√ľnke said...

I loooove those shoes. Wait... they are expensive, right?