February 17, 2006

Spirit, Stallion of the Pink Chiffon

The Funeral / Band of Horses

I’m certainly not the first small-potatoes blogger to say it, but mark my words: Band of Horses is definitely gonna probably be sorta big. They just signed with Sub Pop, and reportedly are in talks regarding the changing of their beyond-the-vast-prairies-of-the-golden-land-of-ridiculous name (might I suggest "The B.o.-Ho"?), a name which I imagine has thus far been the greatest stumbling block to t-shirt sales.

Admittedly, they have only officially released one song...but it's a good one. A lot of Iron and Wine (who they were opening for a few months ago), minus the wineyness.* Even...dare I say it...Dashboard Confessional. No. I daren’t. Forget I said that.

*A pun. to-wit, "wine," versus "whine." A subtle charge of "whininess" imputed to Iron and Wine. see, this is why (o humble reader draughting from the fount of my genius) i get paid the big bucks.

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Guy Who Voted Bush/Cheney said...

Dude, there's nothing better on a T-shirt than a four-color (black, white, graygreen, brown) airbrushed cartoon of a horse. Except maybe one of those with a wolf. With sabers stuck in its sides.