February 21, 2006

Glossed in Translation

Uroko No Nai Sakana / Anatakikou

Karinto Bon Bon /Anatakikou

In case it hasn't been painfully obvious so far, I should make a belated confession: I don't speak Japanese. Or Korean. Now, living in a country where your permanent silence effectively renders you a muted beast of the field is one thing, but listening to the native music is something entirely else. See, normally I'm sort of a lyrics freak, which has made my appreciation of Korean and Japanese music a little more difficult...at times I feel a bit like Helen Keller at a Seeing and Hearing Stuff Conference (ba-dum-cha).

That's why it’s always nice to find a band like Anatakikou. What does their name mean? I have no idea. But it’s fun to say...kinda rattles around in your mouth. Ditto for the songs...in fact, I have a feeling that if I understood whatever they were singing about, I probably wouldn't like them. On the second song, karinto bonbon, I just have to sing along when the background vocals get to "ka-koo-kee-ka-koo-kee-ka-ka." I imagine this is (to a much much lesser extent) the way the "rest of the world" feels when listening to the Beatles. In fact, if I had to classify Anatakikou as something, it would probably be as a valiant but quixotic effort to recreate the Fab Four's style circa Revolver. And yes, I used the thesaurus to find quixotic.

Oh, both songs are off the 2005 compilation Gradation, which you can buy here, if you happen to speak Japanese and traffic in Yen.

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