February 1, 2006


Yeti / Caribou

With the disproportionate amount of really good indie rock that's come out of Canada in recent years, it's a little bit disappointing that they really, as a nation (and, mind you, I am speaking in the broadest terms possible, being quite cued into the Canadian collective unconscious), have willfully disregarded nearly every other genre.

Sure, lots of bands pushing that proverbial envelope like to claim Canadian allegiance (Of Montreal? Of Georgia. Boards of Canada? Bored of Scotland [boo-ya]. Canadian Club? Damn fine whiskey. Not an actual band, though. Maybe it should be.) That is why I was so happy to hear about a guy calling himself Manitoba who actually makes palatable, Canadian, electronica. Of course, he had to change his name because of some sort of trademark infringement. So now he’s called Caribou. Probably another legal challenge there, but Frank Black seems like a cool enough guy.

It's really good stuff...sort of like a chillaxed Amon Tobin. "Yeti," off 2005's The Milk of Human Kindness, makes me think of Christmas. Maybe it's the sleigh-bells jingling away in the background. Or the fact that, as a boy, a big, hairy, naked creature calling himself my Uncle used to stumble drunkenly into my room every Christmas eve to deliver my "present." Probably the sleigh-bells.

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