January 23, 2006


Walk On The Moon / Asobi Seksu

Sooner / Asobi Seksu

As I'm sure many of you know, I'm sort of the umbilical-choked, oxygen-deprived, retarded fraternal twin in this musical relationship with Jeremy. That's why I was so excited when, during a recent google search for pornography, music, I found this cool band...Yay me find music good too! I shouted loudly to Jeremy. Oh, them? he scoffed. I've known about them since, like, forever.* And who let you out of the basement, retard?
So, I tried. Anyway. Asobi Seksu. Sort of like My Bloody Valentine fronted by a Japanese girl. Hot.

*Jeremy actually credits Daniel Levin Becker with this one


jeremy said...

if you continue to hack this site, WPNOB may be forced to take legal action against you. please cease and desist. and please take your pills.

testy said...