January 25, 2006

God Save the Queen

Fuck You, Elton John / Chin Up Chin Up

First it was Bennie and the Jets, and the rhinestone arms race with Liberace. Then the whole "how could I possibly be gay if I'm married to a woman" thing. And then came the Lion King song, single-handedly ruining an otherwise respectable 1994. Now we're supposed to call him Sir, like he rides upon a goddamn steed, redressing grievances throughout christendom or something. Finally, Chin Up Chin Up has said what we were all thinking. Fuck you, Elton John.

Admittedly, the song (from 2005's Chin Up Chin Up) doesn't live up to the title, though it ends on a nice little note of Xiu Xiu-inspired caterwauling.

1 comment:

bananaman/danorama said...

looking at the photo, maybe they should be called: "2 chin ups or 3 chin ups"